VSO International

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VSO is the world’s leading international development organisation that fights poverty overseas through the lasting power of volunteers. In 2016/17, VSO supported over 2.4 million people in 24 countries across Africa, Asia and the Pacific. We worked with more than 500 local and international partner organisations and trained over 7, 000 volunteers and professionals to help create long-lasting change in some of the poorest communities in the world. Using our unique relational model approach we have brought thousands of people together to generate insights, ideas and, above all, action on poverty and exclusion. Through the relationships that volunteers develop, we can bring about change that is simultaneously more sustainable, locally owned and appropriate than many other forms of intervention. This ‘relational’ aspect of volunteer interventions enables greater engagement and empowerment of ‘primary actors’ - something which embodies VSO’s ‘people-centred’ approach. We recruit international volunteers from all over the world and increasingly we work with national and community volunteers who work in their own countries. Volunteers are often placed within a local implementing partner. We work with: * 500+ local and international organisations in 24 developing countries * government at all levels * funders, academic institutions, advocacy platforms and corporate partners