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Sonder is a rapid response network, available 24/7 via the Sonder app, over the phone and in-person through approved and vetted ex-police, paramedic and military liaison officers. Comfortable in chaos, they assess, make measured and considered decisions and act quickly to secure people’s rights, wellbeing, safety and security.

Sonder helps people who are in confronting or complex situations, guiding, alleviating, stepping in or taking control. And in situations where people need to call Triple Zero (000) or we do it for them, we’re there before, after and in-between to reduce the fear and anxiety of an overwhelming situation.

When can Sonder help students?
If they are:

  • concerned: Sonder is virtually by their side.
  • confused: Sonder guides, resolves and alleviates.
  • lost or stranded: Sonder gets them back on track.
  • ill or injured: Sonder takes control.

Students gain access to Sonder membership by direct purchase or through one of our partnership arrangements.

Jessica Jones
Marketing and Communications Manager
Sonder Australia

Ground floor, 26-28 Wentworth Avenue
Sydney NSW 2010

T: +61 490 688 879