Jobs for NSW and The Sydney Start-up Hub

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Jobs for NSW is a NSW Government agency, which provides financial support to start-ups and growing small-to-medium enterprises to build momentum and grow jobs in NSW.

Overseen by a private sector board boasting some of Australia’s finest business minds, including former Telstra CEO David Thodey, Jobs for NSW manages a $190 million fund, which offers entrepreneurs a range of financial products including grants, loans and loan guarantees.

Jobs for NSW will help to transform regional communities and make our metropolitan cities world leaders in entrepreneurial activity—the growth engine of new jobs.

Sydney Startup Hub

The Sydney Startup Hub is the largest innovation space of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, bringing startups, incubators, accelerators and leading innovation programs together in one central location.

Established with a $35 million investment from Jobs for NSW, the Sydney Startup Hub supports collaboration, attracts investors and strengthens the startup community to ensure the creation of a pipeline of growing businesses and sustainable jobs. It offers a dedicated Regional Landing Pad for entrepreneurs from regional NSW.

Start-up Organisations 


V-KAIWA (Virtual Communication) develops immersive language learning in VR to help anyone learn a new language. The lessons are contextualised for a personalised learning experience and will directly interact with the culture and language, enabling to improve general English and English test preparation.

Joey Li

T: +61 413 067 469



GradSift is a machine learning platform, solving the world-wide employer dilemma of how to assess high volume university graduate applications efficiently, effectively and fairly. Our vision is a global graduate marketplace, enabling employers to identify and reach “strong fit” candidates, students discovering new employers, and universities using GradSift technology to improve student employability.

Peter Puchtin
Founder and Director

T: +61 417 229 152



EducationLink is a B2B platform for the international education industry: agents and education providers can manage enrolments, automate their marketing and internal processes, issue quotes and advanced accounting. A one stop shop for everything the industry needs.


Raphael Alejandro Bordin Arias
Chief Executive Officer

T: +61 415 374 585



MyStudyWorks is a new cloud-based platform that enables:

- Students to improve their academic writing skills - eg. organise thoughts, simplified referencing, automated formatting, version control / recovery, KTAR;
- Academics to have real-time visibility of students’ progress, flagging those falling behind;
- Institutions to enhance student experience, strengthen student support, improve student retention, early identification of struggling students, as well as attract more ESL, Pathways, Online and Returning to Study students.


Philip Schiff

Chief Executive Officer

T: +61 431 455 421


WACE Academy

WACE Academy creates innovative educational support materials for Western Australian high school students. Our online video lessons are highly engaging, efficient and a succinct method of learning, which is enhanced on our social learning platform that encourages competition and interaction between students. Research has proven the pedagogical techniques utilised in WACE Academy’s lessons increase student engagement, content retention and performance.


Edward Wroughton

T: +61 406 720 352



We empower Training Providers (RTO's, Colleges, TAFE's, Enterprise L&D) to reduce cost, eliminate risk, and accelerate learning outcomes with immersive technologies (AR, MR, VR).
Our XR solutions are already making a difference for RTO's delivering training for High Risk Work Licences in the construction industry, and ultimately will enable anyone, to learn any skill, anywhere on the planet.


Roger Lawrence
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Offficer

T: +61 401 717 368