Study Vision

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Study Vision is a provider of accommodation and welfare services for international students of all ages and across all major cities in Australia and New Zealand. Our services include: 1) homestay accommodation with local host families near most major education institutions; 2) student accommodation; 3) airport pickup; 4) welcome orientation – get to know the area students live in and how to safely commute to their university/school, and open bank account, buy sim cards for mobile phones, buy school uniforms, and others; and 5) 24/7 response to emergencies (on the road and at home) and immediate response to enquiries and complaints from students and/or host families.

Study Vision also manages several study tours each year for primary and secondary international students. These tours offer students the opportunity to visit a local school, attend English language classes, stay with a local homestay family and sightsee. Study Vision can also organise private bus transportation for these tours. 



Marina Wan and Youssef Ehab
Study Vision

T: 1800 Homestay (1800 466 378)
Intl (24/7): +61 410 691 761