Online program


ELT = English language

HE = Higher education

SCH = Schools

VET = Vocational education and training


ADM = Admissions

BD&S = Business development & strategy

GS&E = Graduates, skills and employment

L&T = Learning and teaching


M&C = Marketing and communication

MOB = Mobility

PATH = Pathways

P&RE = Policy and regulatory environment


PD = Professional development

STU = Students

SS = Sponsored students

TNE = Transnational education

VAR = Various key interest areas

This program was last updated on 30 June 2017. Session information (titles, dates and times) will be available soon.

Keynote: Creating opportunities within disruption: the power of connectivity in a brave new world [1210] Jackie Kassteen, Transformative Marketing Solutions Plenary MULT ELT      
Effective offshore delivery of transnational education: a partnership model for VET providers [1224] Marcus Ganley, CHARLTON BROWN Presentation (short) TNE        
Prepared for success - ELICOS [1208] Brett Blacker, English Australia;
Juliana Kendi, La Trobe Melbourne
Presentation (long) P&RE ELT      
Connecting people and ideas and exploring possibilities [1172] John Hudzik, Michigan State University;
Betty Leask, La Trobe University;
Elspeth Jones, Elspeth Jones;
Wendy Green, The University of Tasmania
Panel L&T        
Why and how faculties should take a lead role in student recruitment [1020] David Wright, HECG Presentation (short) ADM        
Virtual reality - connecting prospective students with institutions worldwide [1130] Marlena Mende, Monash University Presentation (short) M&C ELT      
Making it all count: connecting Australia's international education data [1070] Steve Nerlich, Australian Government Department of Education and Training;
Rod Battye, Tourism Research Australia (Austrade);
Alice Maclean, Australian Government, Department of Immigration and Border Protection
Panel BD&S ELT      
International education 101: what you should know [1176] Lyndell Jacka, IDP Education;
Bronte Neyland, Victoria University International;
Oliver Fortescue, CQUniversity Australia
Panel PD ELT      
Outbound mobility in vocational education and training - making the intangible tangible [1223] Petrina Fraccaro, CHARLTON BROWN Presentation (long) MOB        
Targeting retention for student success [1042] Malcolm Baigent, Navitas;
Margot McNeill, Navitas
Presentation (short) PATH ELT      
Trinity College Foundation Studies: a study of pedagogy, practice and student experiences [1054] Ian Teo, Trinity College, The University of Melbourne;
Jennifer Mitchell, Trinity College, The University of Melbourne
Presentation (short) PATH        
The skilled migration/international education nexus: accountants' case study [1030] Rob Thomason, CPA Australia Presentation (short) P&RE        
Migration and international education in Australia - a disconnected landscape [1094] Daniel McKinnon, Top Class International Pty Ltd;
Danielle Hartridge, NA
Presentation (short) P&RE ELT      
In focus: Iran [1187] Dennis Murray, Murray Goold International;
Maher El Bakry, IDP Education;
Chris Bandy, Austrade;
Mammad Aidani, The University of Melbourne;
Stephen Trengove-Jones, Department of Education and Training
Panel BD&S ELT      
The best university in the world? What rankings can and can't tell us [1206] Duncan Ross, TES Global Presentation (long) ADM        
International education in Australia: come and test your proficiency! [1177] Lyndell Jacka, IDP Education;
Bronte Neyland, Victoria University International;
Oliver Fortescue, CQUniversity Australia
Café PD ELT      
Using the walking interview as a tool to connect with internationally mobile students [1039] Jodi Gregory, University of Huddersfield Poster STU        
Speaking the same language: how to engage students through new communication channels [1089] Anton Crace, International Education Services;
Luke Latimer, International Education Services
Poster STU ELT      
Connecting where the students are: transforming communication with the FISC app [1138] Sally Clapp, Flinders International Study Centre;
Richard Stevenson, Flinders International Study Centre
Poster STU ELT      
Digital discussion: hot topics among international students in social media [1167] Saba Nabi, Council of International Students Australia;
Mustika Indah (Nina) Khairina, Council of International Students Australia (CISA)
Poster STU ELT      
Reporting student experience in the VET sector - the national profile [1134] Kevin Brett, i-graduate;
Janelle Chapman, TAFE Queensland;
Helen Zimmerman, Navitas Ltd
Panel STU        
State of play: using data to develop state and province-level strategies [1076] Grant Watson, RMIT University;
Thomas Eastwood, RMIT University
Presentation (short) ADM        
Connecting people and data for improved admissions results [1084] Kathryn Humphrey, Macquarie University Presentation (short) ADM        
In focus: Philippines [1189] Edilberto C de Jesus, Asian Institute of Management;
Tracy Harris, Australian Trade and Investment Commission;
Vern Mills, Site Group International Limited
Other speaker(s) TBC
Panel BD&S ELT      
Making the connection: Australia's global alumni engagement [1198] Tricia King, Council for Advancement and Support for Education;
Caitlin Byrne, Bond University;
Rob Tranter, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade;
Student alumni
Other speaker(s) TBC
Panel MULT ELT      
The graduates of 2025: their expectations, needs and aspirations [1207] Rob Lawrence, Prospect Marketing & Research Presentation (long) GS&E ELT      
Diversity in Australian higher education [1073] Thomas Eastwood, RMIT University Poster STU        
How do rankings impact international tuition fees in Australia? [1099] Keri Ramirez, Studymove Poster BD&S        
Three megatrends shaping the future of international student mobility [1191] Rahul Choudaha, DrEducation, LLC Mini-plenary MULT ELT      
Australian Government presents: National Strategy for International Education [1193] Representatives from DoET, DIBP and DFAT Panel P&RE ELT      
Department of Education session: counsellor insights from the Department of Education international network Speakers TBC Café TBC        
More than a roof over their heads? [1196] William Archer, i-graduate;
Phil Honeywood, International Education Association of Australia;
Jennifer McDonald, The University of Melbourne;
Rebecca Bendall, Urbanest Australia;
Other speaker(s) TBC
Panel STU ELT      
A strong school sector - an integral part of international education in Australia [1086] Elizabeth Webber, Australian Government Schools International/NSW Department of Education Presentation (short) PATH ELT      
From application to graduation - a continuum of support for younger international students [1090] Milton Wan, DE International - NSW Department of Education;
Elvia Cacciotti, DE International - NSW Department of Education
Presentation (short) STU ELT      
Scan of overseas models of university/industry collaboration and analysis of implications for Australia [1027] Mollie Dollinger, Centre for Study of Higher Education;
Hamish Coates, Centre for Study of Higher Education
Presentation (short) BD&S        
The NSW Government offered 200 international students work integrated learning experience - what did we learn? [1173] Peter Mackey, StudyNSW;
Gavin Dengate, NSW Police Force;
Wes Sonnenreich, intersective
Presentation (short) GS&E        
The product of collaboration: an evergreen marketing movement for long-lasting impact [1123] Jane Favaloro, Department of Economic Development;
Other speakers TBC
Panel M&C ELT      
Integrating international education into regional development strategy [1204] Mike Howell, The Geelong College;
Jan Thomas, University of Southern Queensland;
Chris Ziguras, IEAA/RMIT;
Student, Wollongong University
Other speaker(s) TBC
Panel BD&S ELT      
Big data? It's not the size; it's what you do with it! [1178] Duncan Ross, TES Global;
Darragh Murray, The University of Queensland;
Ian Wong, IBM
Panel BD&S ELT      
E-mployability: training intercultural competencies with the help of gamification [1036] Veronika Norvaisaite, Expertise in Labour Mobility;
Nannette Ripmeester, Expertise in Labour Mobility
Poster GS&E        
You've got mail: continuous career support at the heart of alumni communication [1045] Veronika Norvaisaite, Expertise in Labour Mobility Poster GS&E        
Revising international student internships - self-directed collaborative learning for unique vocational skills development [1146] Nina Ginsberg, Griffith English Language Enhancement Strategy, Griffith University Poster GS&E        
What does it really mean to internationalise the curriculum? Theoretical and practical perspectives from the coalface of teaching and learning [1228] Craig Whitsed, Murdoch University;
Wendy Green, The University of Tasmania;
Ricardo Flores, UNSW Australia;
Michelle Barker, Griffith University;
Megan Paull, Murdoch
Café L&T        
In focus: China [1186] Andrew Parker, PricewaterhouseCoopers;
Christopher Lawson, Australian Embassy;
Michael Clifton, Austrade;
Allen Jiang, IDP Education;
Other speaker(s) TBC
Panel BD&S ELT      
Learning by doing: how to establish a school in China [1007] Nicholas Dwyer, Haileybury International School Presentation (short) BD&S        
Connecting to the world - how Victoria is internationalising its schools [1171] Concetta Andreana, Victorian Government Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Presentation (short) MOB        
Empowering international students to take ownership of their experience by making important connections [1112] Sahil Puri, Victoria University;
Gary Lee, City of Melbourne;
Danielle Hartridge, NA
Presentation (short) STU ELT      
Bridging the gap: identifying the barriers to effective domestic and international students' relations [1166] Bakani Butale, Council of International Students Australia;
Saba Nabi, Council of International Students Australia
Presentation (short) STU        
Institution and government collaborations to implement national strategies: a dialogue involving Australian and UK university sector leaders [1211] Vivienne Stern, Universities UK
Universities Australia Representative;
Dennis Murray, Murray Goold International
Panel P&RE        
Learning a new dance: updates on TNE regulation, interpretation and implementation in Vietnam [1140] Anh Pham, RMIT University Presentation (short) TNE        
The changing TNE regulatory landscape and the market operating environment in China [1141] Cecilia Fan, China Higher Ed;
Celia Huang, RMIT University
Presentation (short) TNE        
Creating connections: perspectives on communicating with prospective international students [1175] Lyndell Jacka, IDP Education;
Stephen Holmes, The Knowledge Partnership;
Presentation (long) M&C        
Erasmus+ goes global: the benefits of a transcontinental staff mobility [1059] Gabriele Abermann, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences;
Hayley McNeel, University of Newcastle
Poster MOB        
'Putting your international experiences to work': an online program that enhances the professional benefits of outbound mobility in a digitally connected world [1063] Wendy Green, The University of Tasmania;
Jessica Gallagher, The University of Queensland
Poster MOB        
STEM mobility: an integrated solution [1126] Raylene Cooke, Deakin University;
Neema Cucinotta, Deakin University
Poster MOB        
Sushi, sumo, study abroad: an early look at the impact of first year learning abroad [1147] Leanne Harrison, Australian National University;
Davina Potts, The University of Melbourne
Poster MOB        
Getting to the bottom of social networks - discover how international students really use social networks [1209] Clare Gossage, The PIE;
Amy Baker, The PIE
Café M&C ELT      
Can connectivity provide one global education agent quality framework? [1195] Brett Blacker, English Australia;
Kim Dienhoff, IDP Education;
Mike Finnell, American International Recruitment Council;
Stephen Connelly, GlobalEd Services;
EAIE Representative
Panel P&RE ELT      
Diversification in schools: getting the balance right [1225] Mariana Lane, Independent Schools Queensland;
Elizabeth Webber, Australian Government Schools International/NSW Department of Education;
Paul Bancroft, Cleveland District State High School;
Other speaker(s) TBC
Panel BD&S        
What are employers looking for from international students? [1072] Belinda Howell, UTS:INSEARCH Presentation (short) GS&E ELT      
Comparing international student employability with 10 universities across four countries [1227] Sara Booth, University of Tasmania Presentation (short) GS&E        
Internationalisation and multicultural education - connecting agendas through culturally relevant pedagogies [1012] David Killick, Leeds Beckett University Presentation (short) L&T        
Connecting for learning: onshore and offshore students interact via social media [1105] Fiona Henderson, Victoria University;
Trudi Aitken, Victoria University
Presentation (short) L&T        
Digitising student orientation to provide a seamless customer experience [1064] James Burroughes, Unitec Institute of Technology Presentation (short) STU        
Online communities: connecting prospective and current international students locally and globally [1074] Emily Rose, RMIT University;
Tom Gifford, RMIT University
Presentation (short) STU ELT      
Creating global graduates: maximising the career benefits of international student mobility [1103] Hiroshi Ota, Center for Global Education, Hitotsubashi University;
Ly Tran, Deakin University;
Renee Kyle, Universities Australia;
Cate Gribble, Nexus Education
Panel GS&E        
Relations that connect, relations that divide: reviewing society attitudes, perceptions and experiences with international students [1029] Ruth Gresham, Macquarie University Poster STU ELT      
The power of place - using place to create connectivity between students, industry and community [1160] Jacyl Shaw, The University of Melbourne Poster BD&S        
City of Melbourne - connecting and collaborating with students in our communities [1174] Sharon Smith, City of Melbourne;
Gary Lee, City of Melbourne
Poster STU ELT      
KOTO: a recipe for life success [1229] Jimmy Pham AO, Know One, Teach One;
Huong Dang, Know One, Teach One;
Plenary STU ELT      
TEQSA TNE and quality assurance [1080] Karen Treloar, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency;
Carolyn Daniel, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency;
Peter McKerrow, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency;
Lorraine Buckman, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency;
Kate Jackson, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency;
Julian Davis, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency
Café TNE        
In focus: Mexico [1188] Niclas Jönsson, Australian Government Department of Education and Training;
Josh Nester, SEEK Ltd;
Chris Rodwell, Austrade;
Other speaker(s) TBC
Panel BD&S ELT      
Returning to the heart of the matter: interconnecting our students [1058] Susan Lubbers, University of Sydney and Western Sydney University Presentation (short) L&T ELT      
Evidence based policing on campus: connecting students, staff and police [1116] Helen Forbes-Mewett, Monash University Presentation (short) STU        
Maximising offshore pathways and the rise of the glocal: challenge or opportunity? [1197] Phil Honeywood, International Education Association of Australia;
Kevin House, International Baccalaureate;
Laurie Pearcey, UNSW Australia;
Haileybury School Representative
Panel PATH ELT      
The international student experience: school, ELICOS, VET and higher education [1091] Steve Nerlich, Australian Government Department of Education and Training;
William Archer, i-graduate;
Brett Blacker, English Australia;
Elizabeth Webber, Australian Government Schools International/NSW Department of Education;
Kevin Brett, i-graduate
Panel STU ELT      
Broadening horizons 2016: the impact of study abroad [1095] Zainab Malik, British Council Education Intelligence Presentation (short) MOB        
Networks, connections and friendly competition: using global partners for benchmarking in learning abroad [1144] Gianluca Samsa, Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore;
Keri Ramirez, Studymove;
Brett Berquist, Michigan State University;
Davina Potts, The University of Melbourne
Presentation (short) MOB        
Quick wins to kickstart your marketing automation success [1009] Michael Bird, Social Garden Poster M&C        
Power of social connection: personalising the online marketing experience [1164] Jane Favaloro, Department of Economic Development;
Ben Campbell, Deakin University; Elissa Newall, RMIT University
Poster M&C ELT      
Don't ask, don't tell? International education and the LGBTQI experience [1238] Rob McDonald, CQUniversity Australia;
Cai Wilkinson, Deakin University;
Budi Sudarto, Victorian AIDS Council;
Mel Martinelli, Deakin University
Café STU ELT      
Canada - Co-op programs, international students and the role of the tertiary sector in Canadian immigration [1163] Judie Kay, RMIT University;
Uri Carnat, IDP Education (Canada);
Other speaker(s) TBC
Panel GS&E ELT      
Tokyo City University and ECU: student mobility on a major scale [1092] Simon Davies Burrows, Edith Cowan University;
Helen Vella Bonavita, Edith Cowan University;
Yuichi Inouye, Tokyo City University
Presentation (short) MOB ELT      
Indigenous connectivity: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students' journeys to Canada for study abroad [1135] Tonia Gray, Western Sydney University;
Son Truong, Western Sydney University
Presentation (short) MOB        
International collaboration in quality assurance for higher education - Quality Beyond Boundaries Group [1050] Nitesh Sughnani, Knowledge and Human Development Authority;
Dorte Kristoffersen, HKCAAVQ;
Warren Fox, Knowledge and Human Development Authority;
Anthony McClaran, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency
Panel P&RE        
Fostering student mobility within ASEAN. The ASEAN Quality Assurance System and Qualifications Reference Framework [1046] Irene Jansen, DAAD Presentation (short) P&RE        
Enhancing mobility: the international connectivity of qualifications frameworks, quality assurance and qualifications recognition [1087] Elizabeth Campbell-Dorning, Australian Government Department of Education and Training Presentation (short) P&RE        
Activating AIE2025 [1192] Beverley Oliver, Deakin University;
Susan Carey, TAFE Western;
Mathew Jacobson, Ducere;
Kelly Ralston, Austrade
Panel BD&S ELT      
Restoring the student experience - connecting students to complaint resolution pathways [1026] Doris Gibb, Overseas Students Ombudsman;
Susan Gray, Overseas Students Ombudsman
Poster P&RE ELT      
Is there a magic formula for valuable and active global institutional partnerships? [1124] Dawn Hewitt, RMIT University
Keri Ramirez, Studymove
Poster BD&S        
China-Australia Free Trade Agreement: what it means for trade in education services [1156] Eva Chye, The University of Western Australia Poster P&RE        
Internationalising the curriculum to enhance employability: collaboration between international mobility and work integrated learning professionals [1053] Kim Siemensma, La Trobe University;
Ruth Delagas, La Trobe University;
Rachael Baron, La Trobe University;
Carolyn Scott, La Trobe University
Café MOB        
Hot topics in international education [1202] Representatives of international education peak bodies Panel MULT ELT      
The AUIDF Benchmarking Data 2016: from analysis to action [1128] Stephen Connelly, GlobalEd Services;
William Archer, i-graduate;
Sunny Yang, Monash University;
Aleksandr Voninski, UNSW Australia
Panel BD&S        
NEAS launches ELICOS Benchmarking Report [1031] Mark Raven, NEAS Presentation (short) P&RE ELT      
Filling the gap in post-entry English language: the importance of conversational English [1077] Marta Spes-Skrbis, Monash University Presentation (short) L&T ELT      
Changing pathways: the future of international student journeys in Australia [1079] Shiang Huei Tee, RMIT University - Business Intelligence, International Recruitment and Mobility Poster PATH ELT      
The importance of CSR in transnational VET programs in Indonesia [1151] Claire Finch, Northern Sydney Institute TAFE NSW Poster TNE        
Collaboration, partnership and consortia building to compete globally at scale [1110] Marie Hill, Austrade;
Sue Freeman, First Impressions Resources, The Australian Retail College;
Janelle Chapman, TAFE Queensland
Café BD&S ELT      
Future-proofing an international education career: professional development plans for yourself and/or your team [1065] Janelle Chapman, TAFE Queensland;
Gordon Scott,;
Gretchen Dobson, Gretchen Dobson, LLC
Panel PD ELT      
Revolutionising student inter-connectivity: getting 'under the hood' of student communities [1021] Rob Malicki, The Global Society;
Natalie Plummer, The Global Society
Presentation (short) STU ELT      
Mobility without moving - connecting students through technology to real-life learning opportunities with international partners [1032] Treaisa Rowe, Australian Volunteers International Presentation (short) MOB        
Redefining transnational education: trends, experiences and expectations [1119] Katalin Kovacs, Maastricht School of Management Presentation (short) TNE        
Two to tango: a trans-Tasman teaching collaboration [1120] Leonel Alvarado, Massey University Presentation (short) TNE        
The great debate: 'Is continued growth in international enrolments sustainable?' [1205] Nick Bisley, La Trobe Asia;
Jeannie Rea, National Tertiary Education Union;
Kent Anderson, University of Western Australia;
Other speakers TBC
Panel TBC ELT      
Be first, be best or be nowhere [1240] Simon Eassom, IBM Plenary Mult ELT      
IEAA International Research Roundtable [1237] Speakers TBC Roundtable          
Workshop 1: Make your mark in MENA [1213] Speaker(s) TBC Workshop BD&S ELT      
Workshop 2: Connecting the digital dots [1214] Meltem Oktay, StudyPortals; Workshop M&C ELT      
Workshop 3: Fraud busters: detecting fraud in international student admissions [1215] Justin Watts, Forensic Document Analysis and Training Workshop ADM ELT      
Workshop 4: From blockers to enablers: embedding student mobility into the curriculum [1216] Pam Allen, The University of Tasmania;
Mary Appleby, Swinburne University of Technology;
Sonia Chan, Swinburne University of Technology;
Audrey Don, Holmesglen Institute
Clare Hardie, Department of Education and Training
Mr Chris Hoffmann, The University of Adelaide
Marianne Lee, East Doncaster Secondary College
Workshop MOB        
Workshop 5: The ties that bind: Leveraging home and branch campus relationships for mutual benefit [1217] Nigel Healey, Fiji National University
Janet Gregory, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus;
Andrew MacIntyre, RMIT University
Trevor Spedding, The University of Wollongong: Dubai, United Arab Emirates;
Other speaker(s) (TBC)
Workshop TNE        
Workshop 6: Scholarships and alumni: evaluating the impact of international education [1218] Ritesh Shah, The University of Auckland, New Zealand;
Daniel Edwards, Australian Council for Educational Research;
Rachel Parker, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
Workshop MULT        
Workshop 7: A marriage that works: VET pathways into higher education [1219] Michael Milgate, Le Cordon Bleu Australia;
Ly Tran, Deakin University;
Keith Cowlishaw, RMIT University
Tim Gilbert, Melbourne Polytechnic;
Workshop PATH ELT      
Workshop 8: Beyond exhibitions: the changing landscape of international recruitment [1220] Tom Gifford, RMIT University
David Harrison, Macquarie University
Greg Slatcher, Deakin University
Workshop ADM ELT      
Workshop 9: Six perspectives to build Asia cross-cultural intelligence [1221] Patrick Um, Asialink Business Executive Education Workshop PD ELT      
Workshop 10: The rise of the selfie: leveraging user-generated content in marketing and recruitment [1222] Jackie Kassteen, Transformative Marketing Solutions Workshop M&C ELT      
SIG Meeting - Admissions and Compliance   SIG Meeting ADM        
SIG Meeting - Marketing, Recruitment and Communication   SIG Meeting M&C        
SIG Meeting - Pathways   SIG Meeting PATH        
SIG Meeting - Student Mobility   SIG Meeting MOB        
SIG Meeting - Sponsored Students   SIG Meeting STU        
SIG Meeting - Transnational Education   SIG Meeting TNE