Workshop 1 
Conversion: Understand it. Improve it. Get on with it.

Date: Tuesday 9 October 2018
Time: 9am – 12pm
Location: ICC, Sydney

Registration fee: $300/$355

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Poor conversion rates are an issue for most education providers at some point. The pool of applicants with offers is the richest vein of prospective students, with far more potential than leads or enquiries. For larger providers, an improvement of just one percentage point in their conversion rates can add significantly to top-line revenue. At smaller institutions, every student counts.

Conversion rates aside, an increase in leads, enquiries and applications can actually reduce your intake by overloading your teams, distracting your focus and slowing down your processing. So, how do you improve conversion, enhance quality yield and ease the student journey?

This hands-on workshop will provide participants with insights, case studies and practical scenarios for improving conversion throughout the student life cycle. Participants will be put through their paces in teams to solve challenges, work on case studies and generate workable strategies. You will walk away challenged but invigorated, with a new toolkit of easy-to-implement strategies for quick results.

Key interest area: Marketing and recruitment (M&R)

Other interest areas: Admissions and compliance (A&C)


Mark Pettitt, Founder, Edified Education, Australia

Sharon Maskell, Partner, Edified Education, Australia

Shehan Thampapillai, Deputy Director, International Business Intelligence & Communications, CQUniversity, Australia

Elizabeth Graham (Chair), Head of Recruitment, The University of Sydney, Australia

Learning outcomes

Attendees will learn:

  • how to accurately define conversion rates
  • how to leverage existing systems to improve conversion
  • new approaches and strategies for conversion
  • how to apply the new knowledge to your existing situation using simulated case studies.

Target audience

This workshop is aimed at professionals (junior and senior) interested in improving international student recruitment metrics through the pipeline from leads and enquiries, applications and offers, acceptances and enrolments, and successfully retained students.