Theme: Empowering a new generation

AIEC 2018 will focus on the potential of international education to empower a new generation of students and international educators to have a positive impact in challenging and uncertain times. Technological innovation, socioeconomic shifts and geopolitical changes are occurring on a global scale and at an accelerated pace. We are more hyper-connected and yet disconnected; the world as we know it is rapidly evolving. A dynamic is building that will shape a new generation and the challenges and opportunities will be enormous.

As the emerging social, economic, technological and geopolitical changes play out, a new generation of students and international educators and professionals will need to gain insights and apply expert knowledge and skills if they are to manage potential disruption, achieve positive influence and become adept global citizens.

What does this all mean for international education? How do we ensure that our industry continues to be relevant and meaningful? What are the key disruptions already occurring and how is international education responding and adapting? How might international education best orient itself to support a new generation of students, educators and professionals? How can we look up and out beyond our own profession to learn from and engage with the broader community and other industries? How can we work collaboratively to ensure that we empower future generations and prepare them for this new world?

AIEC 2018 will address these questions, and more, as it contemplates how international education will empower its next generation.

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The theme for #aiec2018 is 'Empowering a new generation'