Masterclass 1 
The art of storytelling: producing great online video, in-house

Date: Tuesday 9 October 2018
Time: 9am – 4pm
Location: ICC, Sydney

Registration fee: $560/$605

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Australians spend more than three hours a day consuming video (Australian Connected Consumer Report 2016, Nielsen). The explosion of digital video has also changed the role of our audiences. Students can access and interact with video like never before and their expectations for great, engaging content are higher than ever.

The challenge for international education providers is keeping up with the demand for quality content that really engages millennials. The time and cost of producing professional video can be prohibitive – particularly on a small budget. At the same time, it has never been easier to produce good-quality video in-house. Thanks to iPad technology – and user-friendly editing programs – we now have the tools right at our fingertips.

Come and discover the tricks of the trade from industry professionals. Learn how to identify potential stories and how to deliver them with a short and compelling video.

Key focus areas

  • Storytelling – identifying potential stories and finding your narrative
  • Interviewing – asking the right questions and getting to the heart of your subjects
  • Production – framing, lighting, sound and editing
  • Dissemination – what makes a video go viral?

NB: Participants will be given pre-filmed footage to practise their storytelling and editing skills. You must bring your own iPad and have downloaded and installed iMovie prior to the masterclass.

Key interest area: Marketing and recruitment (M&R)


Mariona Guiu, Video Producer, The University of Melbourne; independent documentary filmmaker

Lara McKinley, Senior Content Coordinator, Monash University, Australia

Tim Field (Chair), Head of International Student Recruitment (Asia), The University of Sydney

Learning outcomes

By attending this masterclass, you will:

  • learn the art of producing short, engaging videos for online audiences
  • enhance your understanding of production and storytelling techniques for producing your own video content, as well as working with external agencies and production companies
  • revitalise your social media content and engagement with online video
  • discover techniques for wider distribution and dissemination.

Target audience

This hands-on, interactive masterclass is aimed at marketing, recruitment and mobility professionals who are looking to produce their own video content for prospective or current international students. It will also be useful for academics and teaching staff who wish to incorporate video into their programs.