Call for international students!

Applications are now closed

Participate in an interactive café session at AIEC 2016

The team from The PIE ( are hosting a café session as part of this year's AIEC conference program, and is looking for approximately 24 students who are interested in sharing their story with AIEC delegates in small discussion groups in a café session format.

Applications close on Wednesday 31 August.

The session “Getting to the bottom of social networks – discover how international students really use them to connect with their institution, teachers, peers and friends” offers the opportunity to AIEC delegates to talk to students in person and get insights on how they connect with other students and their host communities online and offline.

Questions from delegates will focus on how students use social networks to get and stay connected during their international study experiences. For example:

  • What digital channels do you like to use to connect to your host institution?
  • How are you integrated into your host community and what issues have you faced during integration?
  • Which social media channels do you prefer?
  • Do you use different platforms to connect within your own student community (e.g. with other students from your country of origin)?
  • What online communities do you engage with?
  • What can your institution do differently to help international students feel better connected to your institution and community?

This is a unique opportunity for students to provide feedback directly to those involved in policy making, recruiting international students and providing the services that international students need in Australia, and to do so in an interactive session.


Students must be available on Thursday 20 October 2016, from 9 am to 4 pm.

Student responsibilities

The session is scheduled for 12 pm, but students are required to arrive at 9 am for a briefing and orientation, adn to meet with the facilitators and other students.

We also ask for students to be available until 4 pm, in case there are changes to the session time.

Registration, travel and accommodation

If the application is successful, students will be offered a one-day  free complimentary registration to attend the conference on Thursday 20 October

Before and after the session, students are welcome to attend other conference sessions, visit the exhibition and network with other delegates. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided.

The conference organisers cannot cover any costs related to travel and accommodation. Students from outside Melbourne or living in other states are encouraged to seek sponsorship from their institutions to cover their flights and accommodation expenses.

How to apply

Applications are now closed

Students who are interested in participating in this session, must apply online and fill out a questionnaire:

The team from The PIE will review all the applications and select students from a wide variety of backgrounds. The questionnaire will require students to indicate, among other:

  • Nationality (country of origin)
  • Degree or course type (language, pathway, undergraduate, postgraduate)
  • Education sector (pathways, VET, schools, higher education and English language)
  • Subject area
  • Gender
  • City of choice in Australia

Key dates
17 July Applications open
31 August Applications close
1 - 15 September
The PIE conducts interviews with students (as required)
15 Septebmer
Students are notified of the result
16 September Students register for the conference
(instructions will be provided by the organiser)
Thursday 20 October Students attend the session