Suggested topics for 2018

The theme for AIEC 2018 is Empowering a new generation.

The following list gives a few examples of the topics the committee are interested in receiving proposals on. The list is by no means exhaustive. 

  • Emerging markets for Australia’s education and training services
  • Emerging careers – ensuring Australia’s study options are relevant for future generations
  • The rise of artificial intelligence and the impact on traditional careers
  • Possible applications of augmented reality, virtual reality and other new technologies on mobility, admissions, marketing and recruitment
  • TNE reimagined
  • Teaching and learning in a changing world – impact of technology, access and equity, etc.
  • International education in the context of achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Impacts of international education on the broader community and other industries
  • Case studies on insights and lessons learned from other industries
  • Implementation of the National Code
  • New ELICOS and Foundation standards
  • International education and regional communities
  • Innovations in student recruitment for regional institutions
  • New and emerging forms of international education – beyond students
  • Impact of global geo-political shifts on international education
  • Trends and challenges in visas and compliance
  • The future of work and the changing nature of the workforce
  • Risk management in mobility
  • Diversity in mobility
  • Non-traditional/virtual mobility
  • Innovations in and relevance of pathways in the 21st century
  • Research and case studies designed around success and needs of pathway students
  • Pathways to study destination – managing relationships, progress, communication and content