Call for Proposals

The AIEC program comprises a combination of core sessions, panels and plenaries that are designed and built by the Committee. Proposals selected through the CFP process complement and enhance these core sessions.

Online Submission is Now Closed

To see the presentation and panel forms in PDF format, please click on the links below. Please remember though that these are provided as reference only, and that your proposal must be submitted online by no later than 28 March 2014:

The Committee is particularly interested in receiving proposals that:

  • relate to the conference theme 'Inventing the Future'
  • focus on any of the key topics of interest listed
  • have relevance to the sectors listed
  • have relevance to either public and/or private providers
  • have a broad appeal to an international audience
  • present findings of recently completed research related to the conference theme and areas of interest, with the potential to assist in the short or long term to inform national or institutional policy, strategy and good practice

The person submitting a proposal (‘primary contact’) must complete the online submission form, including proposal information and speaker details, and agree to the terms and conditions on behalf of all the speakers. Speakers must complete their individual speaker profile.

The information below is provided to assist you with the preparation of your proposal submission for the Australian International Education Conference 2014 (AIEC 2014).

Key Dates

Topics of Interest

Submitters are encouraged to submit proposals that include one or a combination of the topics listed here.


The following sectors are represented at the conference.

Session Types

If your proposal is accepted into the program, your presentation or panel will be allocated to one of these sessions.

Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you read and understand terms and conditions related to the submission of the proposal and speaker registration, as well as our policies regarding privacy and storage of data, withdrawal of a proposal and copyright. Please ensure that all your co-speakers have also read and understood these terms and conditions before you submit a proposal on their behalf.

Review & Selection Criteria

Please read and understand how your proposal will be reviewed and selected for inclusion in the AIEC 2014 program.

Speaker Registration & Notification

Information about speaker notification and registration process.

Online Submission Instructions

You must use the online submission system to submit a proposal for AIEC 2014. Please read detailed instructions on how to prepare your proposal and use the X-CD Submission System to create and update your profile and submit and edit your proposal and/or speakers.


Need help? See our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).