AIEC 2011 – Adelaide

Dates: 11-14 October 2011
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Venue: Adelaide Convention Centre


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Tuesday 11 October – Hall E

Welcome Plenary

  • The Hon Jack Snelling MP, Treasurer, South Australian Government
  • Ms Feyi Akindoyeni, Head of Kreab Gavin Anderson (Canberra)

Wednesday 12 October – Hall E

Opening Plenary

  • The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG

In Times of Crisis, How Can We Add Value? By Making Graduates Globally Employable

  • Mr Robert Lawrence, Prospect Research and Marketing

The Rise of India and China as New World Powers: Future Strategy Choices Facing Australia

Australia Compared with What?

Imagining Australia’s Future in Global Education, Training and Research: A Facilitated Dialogue

  • Prof Peter Hoj, Vice-Chancellor, University of South Australia
  • Mr Stephen Connelly, IEAA and RMIT University
  • Prof Fazal Rizvi, University of Melbourne
  • Ms Claire Field, ACPET

Wednesday 12 October – Hall A

The Challenge of Developing a Common Language for Transnational Education: An Analysis of Existing Systems of Classification of Delivery Models

Enhancing the Soft Power Potential of Australian International Education: Re-defining the Next 25 Years

India in Focus

Wednesday 12 October – Hall B

International Education and Human Rights

  • Ms Nicola Dandrige, CEO, Universities UK
  • Dr Helen Szoke, Australian Race Discrimination Commissioner
  • Ms Arfa Noor, President, Council of International Students Australia (CISA)

How Employers Value an International Study Experience When Hiring: Findings from the 2011 QS Global Employer Survey

IEAA Best Practice/Innovation in International Education Award Winners

This year’s IEAA Award Winners in the category: Best Practice/Innovation in International Educaiton will present.

Wednesday 12 October – Hall C

Internationalisation of the Curriculum in Actionand in Context (IoC SIG Opening Session)

IEAA Award Winners Session: Outstanding Postgraduate Thesis on a Topic Related to International Education

Wednesday 12 October – Hall D

Mongolia in Focus

The AHELO Feasibility Study: Implications for International Education

  • Dr Sarah Richardson, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
  • Employability Effects from International Internship and Field Studies
  • A/Prof Carina Hellgren, International Program Office for Education and Training, Sweden

Qualification Standards and Policy: The Impact on the Future of International Education?

Opportunities and Challenges for Collaborative Provision in Higher Education Student Learning

Wednesday 12 October – Meeting Room 10 & 11

Students in Motion: Forecasting International Student Mobility to Australia

International Student Mobility

  • Mrs Katja Durkin, UK NARIC

Principles of Good Practice for Enhancing International Student Experience Outside the Classroom

International Student Expectations: Undergraduate Student Voices in an Australian University

Developing, Evaluating and Refining an English Language Development Strategy:

The Griffith English Language Enhancement Strategy: Stage 2. Evaluation

Thursday 13 October – Hall E

What Do We Mean by “Deep Internationalisation”?

Hot Topics in International Education: Global Update

Europe in Focus

The No Growth Scenario: Is That What We're Facing?

  • Ms Tracy Harris, Austrade
  • Ms Kay Ganley, CHARLTON BROWN
  • Dr Pamela Kinnear, Universities Australia
  • Ms Sue Blundell, English Australia
  • Mr Peter Holden, Tafe Directors Australia (TDA)

The Global Future of Education: A Facilitated Dialogue

Thursday 13 October – Hall A

Staff Perceptions of Internationalisation

A Changing Landscape: Malaysia, Singapore and the Asian Education Hubs of the Future

Ms Sharon Yap, RMIT University

Teaching and Managing Students from Middle Eastern Culture

International Learning Mobility: The Next 25 Years –Policy, Practice and Innovation in U.S. and Australia

Employment Outcomes for International Students: Successful Industry Engagement Models

China’s Developing Provinces in Focus

Thursday 13 October – Hall B

Alumni: The University At Work: Worldwide Harnessing the Power of International Alumni Relations to Enhance Student Recruitment and Career Outcomes for Graduates

International Student Alumni: Bridges to the World?

What the..? You Want Me to Do Even More?! Engaging Academic Staff in Internationalisation of the Curriculum

In the Aftermath of a Disaster: Managing Relationships and Student Mobility Following a Major Natural Disaster

Performing at your Best

  • Dr Adam Fraser

Thursday 13 October – Hall C

Changes in Government's Policy: How Has it Affected International Student Recruitment and What Does it Mean for the Future?

International Competition Trends 2008 - 2011

AEI Research

2011 Research Agenda: Australian Universities International Directors' Forum

Cosmopolitanising the Cohort: The Social Affordances of International Education

  • Mrs Tammi Jonas, Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations
  • Mr John Nowakowski, Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations

Thursday 13 October – Hall D

The Student Experience in Government Schools

The Value of Study Tours in Government Schools

Working Well with Education Agents: Presenting the Latest Best Practice Initiatives in Agent Management for Providers, Agents and Students Across all Education Sectors

NSW Department of Education and Communities: At Last - The Complete Package

Curtin College Transition Study: Tracking the Performance of Pathway Students in Mainstream University Programs

Ex uno plures: Comprehensive Internationalisation - Possibility or Pipe-dream?

Thursday 13 October – Meeting Room 10 & 11

Global Mobility in a Future of Social Media

The Future of International Admissions

The impact of Transnational Education on Multinational Universities

Offshore Delivery of Australian Qualifications: Lessons from the VET Sector

Communicating Change: Engaging Prospective Students with Mobile Technologies

Digital Wellbeing: Social Media and Web Enabled Smart Phones

  • Ms Danielle Hartridge, ISANA: International Education Association
  • Mr Larry Anderson, Think Before
  • Mr Bart Jenniches, Google

Australian Outbound Mobility Best Practice: The Future of University Student Mobility

  • Mr Robert Malicki, AIM Overseas

Providing Indigenous Students with Meaningful Student Mobility Programs

Friday 14 October – Hall E

Plenary Session

  • The Hon Chris Evans MP

Every 25 years it's Time for a New Idea: A Facilitated Dialogue

  • Mr William Archer, i-graduate
  • Ms Jennie Lang, UNSW
  • Mr Mike Walsh, Author of Futuretainment and CEO of innovation research agency Tomorrow
  • Mr Andrew Smith, Swinburne College
  • Prof. Pal Ahluwalia, University of South Australia

Brand Health: Why You Constantly Need to Check Your Pulse: Adelaide’s Story

The Knight Review Revealed

Closing Plenary

  • Mr Todd Sampson

Friday 14 October – Hall A

The UK in Focus

A New Paradigm of Transnational Education: Unlocking the Hidden Benefits of Partnerships in Globalised Education

  • Mr Lorne Gibson, University of Southern Queensland
  • Dr Kevin Pon, ESC Saint-Etienne, France
  • Dr Simon Mercado, Nottingham Trent University, UK

Friday 14 October – Hall B

Beyond Policy to Practice: Comparative Approaches to University-wide Implementation of Policy on Internationalisation of the Curriculum

ELP Good Practice Principles: Current Progress and Future Developments

Friday 14 October – Hall C

Growth, Emerging and Established Markets: Opportunities and Challenges for Marketing and Promotion

Friday 14 October – Hall D

Counting International Student Numbers, Commencements and Enrolments in Australia, 2001 - 2010

Through Australian Eyes: A Closer Look at the US International Student Data

International Relations and Mobility Management: Supporting the Strategy

UCosmic Consortium: Mapping Globalization for 21st Century Universities

  • Dr Mitch Leventhal, State University of New York (SUNY) System, USA

Friday 14 October – Meeting Room 10 & 11

TOEFL and IELTS: Research-Based Score Comparisons

The Quest for IELTS Band 7: Investigating English Language Proficiency Development of International Students at an Australian University

  • Dr Elizabeth Craven, University of Technology Sydney

Glocal Models of International Engagement to Meet Global Skills Needs

Policy into Practice: Bringing Graduate Attributes and Employability Skills into Undergraduate Subjects in China