AIEC 2009 Sydney

Dates: 14-16 October 2009
Location: Sydney, Australia
Venue: Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre


AIEC 2009 Program Book

AIEC 2009 Review – IDP 25th Birthday


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Wednesday 14 October – Bayside Auditorium B


The Changing Fortunes of Australian Transnational Higher Education


The Demography of International Education: Impacts on Australia


International Education Trends and Policies in China


The Buyer Behaviour of International Students: How They Decide

  • Mr Robert Lawrence - Director, Prospect Research and Marketing Pty Ltd

Wednesday 14 October – Bayside Gallery B


The Future for Independent Education Providers: Beyond 2010


Hot Topics in International Education: Perspectives from Around the Globe


International student demand in a Global Financial Crisis


A National Strategy for Australian International Education

  • Mr David Riordan - Chief Executive Officer, DET International and TAFE NSW National Business, NSW Department of Education and Training
  • Mr Andrew Smith - Chief Information Officern Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET)
  • Professor Dean Forbes - Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International) at Flinders University
  • Mr Colin Walters - Group Manager International, DEEWR

Wednesday 14 October – Bayside Gallery A


Directions in Australia Europe Cooperation

  • Mr Stephen Connelly - President, IEAA& Deputy Vice Chancellor (Development and Engagement), Swinburne University of Technology
  • Mr Bjorn Einer Aas - President, European Association for International Education (EAIE)
  • H.E. David Daly - Head of Delegation, Delegation of the European Commission to Australia
  • Ms Di Weddell - Branch Manager, International Strategy Branch, International Group, DEEWR


What’s New from above the 49th Parallel: Developments in International Education in Canada


2008 Research Agenda: Australian Universities International Directors’ Forum


Internationalisation of the Curriculum at Home

Wednesday 14 October – Bayside 103


Out of the Cotton Wool: Alternative Study Destinations for Students

US Study Abroad: A Short Story or Merely a Plot Change?


Economic Impact of International Students in Victorian Universities


Investigating IELTS Exit Score Gains in Higher Education


Can We Test English Skills Quickly?

The Transformation of an Award Program: The Design and Evaluation of a Transnational Diploma with an Embedded English Component

Wednesday 14 October – Bayside 104


International Students’ English Language Proficiency and Readiness for Employment as a Skilled Migrant to Australia

The Student Experience: Perspectives from GCA Research

  • Program Overview


The International Student Experience in ELICOS and VET


DEEWR International Graduate Employment Outcomes Survey


E-Friends & Facebook Pre Orientation Social Network

Utilising Student Diversity to Enhance Student Experience in Learning Contexts

Wednesday 14 October – Bayside Auditorium B

Where Did they Go and Why? International Non-Acceptance of Offer Students

2009: The GFC, How Did We Respond? What Can We Expect From 2010?

“I am From Zamunda!” Can International Students Be Integrated into the Host University Environment?

Relationship Building in India: The Benefits of a Long-Term Approach

Wednesday 14 October – Bayside Auditorium A

A Managed Approach to TNE Disengagement

Internationalisation, Volunteerism and Service Learning: Opportunities for Transformation

Indigenous Students and International Education: Personal Reflections

  • Ms Jennifer Newman - Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Programs, Faculty of Education, University of Technology Sydney
  • Panel of Students - University of Technology Sydney

Benchmarking International Operations of Australian TAFE Systems and Institutes

Engaging International Students for Success

Internationalisation Models from Abroad

Wednesday 14 October – Bayside Gallery B

Outbound Mobility: Good Practice in VET Sector Mobility - Lessons from Home and Abroad

Internationalising Education in Schools

The Victorian Government Overseas Study Program

The Experience of AFS: Outbound Student Mobility & Australian Schools Sector

Good Practice in International Education Agent Management

Getting the Best from Your Education Agents and Maintaining Compliance: Can it Be Done?

Curricula Innovation

Here Today. But Here Tomorrow? Can Australian Providers Keep Pace with New and Emerging Patterns of Industry Demand?

  • Mr Robert Lawrence - Director, Prospect Research and Marketing Pty Ltd

Wednesday 14 October – Bayside Gallery A

The Nature of International Education in Australian Universities and its Benefits

International Students Studying inAustralia: “Their Right to Feel Safe”!

Towards a More Inclusive Model: Orientation for International and Domestic Students

Quality Assurance in International Student Recruiting: The Role of the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC)

Don’t They Know it’s Friday? Lessons from the Gulf

The Reality Gap in the International Student Experience: Perceptions Versus Reality in Key Study Abroad Destinations – UK, Australia and Singapore. How Can Australian Institutions Manage Expectations and Achieve Better Student Satisfaction?

Accessing the International Projects Market for Skills Development and Reform: Australian and American perspectives

Wednesday 14 October – Bayside 103

Delivering Effective Partnerships: Best Practice in building and maintaining Pathway Relationships…the MIBT to Deakin Story

Foreign Private Universities in Australia: A Successful Strategy for Building Australia’s‘University City’?

  • Ms Virginia Pattingale - Head, International Office, Flinders University

The New Zealand Experience: Investigating the Use of a Diploma Supplement

EU-Australia Cross Recognition of Credits for VET Student Mobility

Transitions and Transformations: The Australian Qualifications Framework Supporting Student Mobility

International Student Admissions: A USA and UK Perspective

TNE Partnership for Impact

Transnational Education : Summarising the Lessons We Have Learnt Over the Last Five Years

Displaying Critical Thinking: Perceptions from International Students and Academics

  • Dr Ly Tran - Research Fellow, RMIT University

Wednesday 14 October – Bayside 104

Support Services: What do Students Really Want?

Coming Home: University Students’Experiences of Cultural Re-entry

Research Round Table - IEAA Thesis Award Winner

Good Practice in Enhancing the Social Dimension of International Student Experience On and Off Campus

Wednesday 14 October – Bayside 105

AusAID Scholarships: Education for Development Outcomes

Friday 16 October – Bayside Auditorium B

Camelot, Calamity or Collaboration: The Road Ahead for TNE

The GFC and the Implications for International Education

Plenary: International Education: Transforming Australia

  • Ms Jenny Brockie, Journalist, and host of SBS’ “Insight”
  • Mr Stephen Connelly - President, IEAA& Deputy Vice Chancellor (Development and Engagement), Swinburne University of Technology
  • Mr Colin Walters - Group Manager International, DEEWR
  • Professor Lesleyanne Hawthorne - Associate Dean International, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Stephen Parker - Vice-Chancellor and President, University of Canberra

Friday 16 October – Bayside Gallery

Internationalisation: The Student Voice

International Student Safety and Security: Street Level Initiatives

Friday 16 October – Bayside Gallery A

Jai Ho! Achieving Sustainability in India Through Integrated International Student Policy Framework

International Education Networks: What Are They and How do They Help?

Friday 16 October – Bayside 103

Taking a Domestic and Global Focus on the English Language Industry: Trends and Opportunities

Why Do We Know So Little About The Students in Transnational Education?

The Transnational Student Experience: A Pilot Study

Friday 16 October – Bayside 104

Moderation of Assessment in Transnational Higher Education

Researching from a TNE Perspective: Collaboration with Chinese Partners in the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching

What Really Matters? Factors Affecting International and Domestic Student Retention and Satisfaction